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XiangBo Electric debuted in China Electrical Equipment Industry Association high voltage switch Branch Annual General Meeting 2022

Time : 2022-11-30 Hits : 58

December 21, 2022, the annual high voltage switch Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association 2022 member

The conference will be held as scheduled in Buckingham Grand Hotel, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province! Hunan Xiangbo Electric Co., LTD., if invited to participate in the exhibition (booth No. :), showed the RFID passive wireless temperature measuring cable accessories tailored for smart grid, 35kV switchgear test terminal, buried cable branch box and other industry high-tech products.

As an important branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, High voltage Switch Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association is a non-profit industrial organization composed of enterprises engaged in high voltage switching equipment and supporting products, scientific research institutes, universities and other units.

The high voltage switch branch was set up in 1988 and established in April 1989. The Branch has 765 members, 158 council members, 54 standing council members, 14 vice president units and 1 chairman unit in the 8th session (2017-2021).

Since its establishment, the branch has always put service for the industry in the first place, and promoted the localization of major technical equipment as the strategic focus of the development of the industry. It is committed to the industry development planning, industry quality control and economic operation analysis, aiming to make the high voltage Switch Branch a platform for scientific research, technology and information consultation and exchange in the industry. For the revitalization and promotion of Chinese high pressure switch industry sustainable development will make positive contribution.

In this exhibition, we develop and exhibit according to the market demand:

1.RFID passive wireless temperature measuring cable accessories.

2.35kV switchgear test terminal

3. Buried cable branch box

The exhibition lasted for 4 days, during which a number of special reports were also held:

1. Development of China's energy and electrical industry under the background of "Double carbon"

2. Research on ways and measures of carbon peak carbon neutrality for electric power equipment

3. Research on SF6 alternative gas

4. Problems and solutions in the operation of switching equipment in 2021

5. Problems and solutions in the type test of medium voltage switch in 2021

6. 2021 high voltage switch industry standard dynamic

7. Development of high voltage switchgear under double carbon background

8. Exchange of enterprise technology innovation, process improvement, cooperation and support, management experience, etc

There is no best, only better, adhering to our quality standard is always higher than the customer's manufacturing philosophy, in the "focus on quality, do the best power cable accessories in China" business guidelines, seeking to establish long-term, stable, reliable strategic partners with customers!

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