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Operating Instruction

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This type of test terminal for switch cabinet can be applied to 35kV bushing correspond with IEEE386 standard. Cooperate with the bushing, the test terminal can be installed to achieve AC withstand voltage test for the Gas-filled Ring Main Unit or Box-type transformer, conveniently, safely and reliably.

Electrical performance: AC withstand voltage: 95kV /1min BILL: 200 kV

Attachment: 1pack of cleaning wipes, 1 piece of silicone grease, 1 copy of instruction manual

二.Installation steps

1.To confirm the bushing is uncharged, test by earth bar before installation;

2.Clean and lubricate the surface of bushing and innercone of test terminal,

The grease must be evenly smeared(Figure 1);


3.Rotate the conductive rod of the test terminal clockwise into the test

sleeve (step 1、step2) ;


4.Insert the test terminal body into the sleeve in the direction of the conduction rod (step 3),All the way to the end exposing the pin rod hole (Figure 2) ;


5:Insert the latch into the latch hole (Fig. 2、Fig.3) and connect the high voltage leads to the test transformer height, the crimp end, connect the ground wire to the test connection point (step 4), and the installation is complete;



三. Precautions

Before installation and before disassembly, make sure that the equipment and casing are not charged;

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